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2016 game with Bainbridge (GA) featuring Dameon Pierce (UF) 50-329 yards against a star studded Tallahassee Rickards (FL) team.


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Insiights created because of 'need in community'

Joey LamarThu 5:41 PM, Apr 16, 2020

By: Joey Lamar | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
April 16, 2020


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Former Florida A&M men's and women's basketball coach Mickey Clayton started Insiights so kids in the Big Bend area could get the exposure he feels they deserve. 

And at not cost to the athlete.

Clayton knows Tallahassee has tons of local talent and he wants everyone to see it.

"To do something with the high school kids that would showcase the talent that is area and teams," Clayton said. "The academic programs at these individual schools and promote them and allow these student athletes to feel like they were big time. Get them on TV, get them on YouTube and let them be able to use it for a recruiting tool."

Clayton started his company six years ago. For the last four years, they have covered and broadcaster high school games. 

His Youtube channel has over 300 games and stories.

"[Leon County] said you had to get permission from the individual schools to do it," Clayton said. "So I met with some of the schools and not everyone was interested in Insiights televising and producing their games, even though it cost them nothing."

Early on, he experienced almost every technical issue imaginable, but says he had to resolve the problems without any help.

"Trying to stream it," Clayton said. "Then you couldn't have access to stream it. Then the stream would break down. Then they would tether it, which means you can't get it out at the speed you were and all of sudden it's buffering."

In the Big Bend and South Georgia areas, Clayton has covered volleyball, girls and boys basketball, baseball and, of course, football. 

"We're really excited to get outside the immediate area," Clayton said, "But we can never forget where we started from, which is here."

This year, the company broadcast middle school games and the response was overwhelming.

"Has become legendary," Clayton said. "Just this past season, three of our most watched football games were middle school games. The two best basketball games we have up there right now are the city championship for boys basketball, which went to double overtime and the girls' game might have went to triple overtime."

Clayton says they want to grow to cover softball and track. In each game, instead of doing a player of the game, he does an academic student of the game, which is given to the player with highest GPA on each team.

New Home for INSiiGHTS Game-of-the-Week Series - WLCS

INSiiGHTS CLASSICS!! THE Best Basketball Games-2-Date

Girls Middle School 1A-Championship Game between Nims (10-0)  vs Fairview (8-2).  INSiiGHTS telecast these same two teams for the Championship in 2018 with Nims being the winner.  Nims has handed Fairview there only two losses during the regular season. Will Nims win the third time?

They did not!

Incredible come back win for Fairview!

#2 Daytona Mainland at Spruce Creek (Boys)

Part of this arch rivalry is the coaches. Coach David Howard returns home and is in his first year back at Spruce Creek. Coach Joe Giddens was the girls coach at Spruce Creek.  

Last years visit to Volusia County featured a triple over-time game. This was not a triple overtime but it was standing room only and was something to see.

 They are both highly successful and are two frat brothers competing.

Behind the scenes of Brooks County to State Finals

The inside story of Brooks County Football drawing inner strength from the deaths of three of their teammates that are remembered as the BC 3.

Hoop Games

No upcoming events.

Feature Story

WLCS New Home of the INSiiGHTS Game-of-the-Week Series

          INSiiGHTS Sports is proud to announce that it’s INSiiGHTS Game of the Week Series has found a new broadcast home with Leon County Schools public television station, WLCS. WLCS will air two games on Saturday and Sunday afternoons during prime time and during a yet to be determined weekly time slot, as well.

          The INSiiGHTS Game of the Week series has been a part of the WCTV2, now METV programming since September of 2016.

          INSiiGHTS founder Mickey Clayton states, “It was a blessing to be a part of the WCTV family. They took a chance on a start up company and allowed us to put high school sports in the homes of many people. We produced over 125 games in 4 years. We are forever grateful for the people over at WCTV, for believing in our team.”

          WLCS is interested in some of the features that INSiiGHTS has produced that feature some of the area schools and students both current and past.

          INSiiGHTS TV on YouTube houses all of the past sporting events from area high schools and middle schools for the past four years.

          Leon County Schools enjoyed the highlight segment of the Game of the Week Series that features a segment entitled the Dr. Arthur Woodard Academic Student of the Game honoree. These students are selected by their school for the highest grade point average and community involvement. These students and their families are featured in a recognition dinner in May of each year by the Woodard Foundation of Miami, Florida.

          Mickey Clayton, the retired former head basketball coach at Florida A&M University states, “As a dad, my wife and I enforced and reinforced the academic successes of our daughters through their athletic participation. It was important for INSiiGHTS to give additional praise to those students and families that excel academically within the sphere of athletics.”

          Vanessa Woodard-Byers, Executive Director of the Woodard Foundation of Miami, Florida added, “My dad,  Dr. Arthur Woodard was a Hall of Fame football player under Coach Jake Gaither. He was a successful coach and retired as the principal at Miami Central High School. Education was always at the forefront of everything he preached to us, his children and to his students that he viewed as extensions of his family. We have been thrilled to see his legacy continue to grow through the students honored through INSiiGHTS, especially in an area we started from, Tallahassee at FAMU and DeFuniak Springs.”

          Some of the games feature the growing middle school programs, as well as the high schools. All of the games since 2016 are housed at INSiiGHTS TV on YouTube. There is no fee, no registration required, and no subscription cost. INSiiGHTS comes at now cost to the viewer or to the students that are participating.

          There are stories and additional information on the INSiiGHTS web page at www.

          Mickey Clayton proudly stated,  “We are excited about this opportunity to continue to highlight and showcase these students and programs that are working hard to things in a positive manner. Let’s give accolades and attention to the many positive things that are around us even as we continue to work on those issues that require a different touch.”

          “We are even more excited to be a part of WLCS. We have been continually encouraged by the community to talk to Leon County Schools about being a part of their programming because so much of what we do involves around the students within the county. We finally approached Ricky Bell and the approval from Supt. Rocky Hannah was swift. We met with Dr. Michele Gayle and Dana Barnes to quickly move to integrate INSiiGHTS programming into the WLCS television schedule.




BBB shows an early contest in city rivalry with both teams UNDEFEATED. After a close first half, the second half blows up!

RICKARDS at GODBY "Ladies Edition"

Rickards at Godby “Ladies Edition" Godby comes into this contest with a 1-3 records, while Rickard has a 1-2 mark.    Both teams played two weeks ago in a jamboree contest with Rickards winning 76-36. 

Godby, senior guard, Essence Noble is our winner of the Dr. Woodard Academic Student of the Game. Essence has a 4.13 gpa. 

Congratulations to Essence Noble and her family. We will honor all of our winners at our Annual Recognition Dinner at Studio 13 on Monday, May 4th.

Legacy of 100 Academicians

Dr Arthur Woodard Academic Award Dinner

Monday, May 6th was the Third Annual Dr. Arthur Woodard Academic Dinner. This dinner marked the 100th student that was recognized for their academic success and community service. 

The 2019 class was the largest number of participants and nearly filled Studio 13 with the recognized students and their families.

This activity will be shown on WCTV2 Saturday, May 11, 4:30-7:00 pm.

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