GBL and UPDATE for the Week of March 11, 2019


INSiiGHTS will be in Tallahassee at Florida High on Saturday being you live remote action on Saturday and Sunday from the GBL Hoops Tournament. 

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This weeks WCTV 2 Instant Replay contest will be the boys basketball game between Rickards and Florida High School.



INSiiGHTS Information

The INSiiGHTS High School Game-of-the-Week Series is completing it’s third television season by producing nearly 100 weeks of games that were shown on WCTV2, a local CBS affiliate in Tallahassee, Florida. This channel is accessed with and without cable affiliations and when combined are shown in over 200,000 homes in the north Florida - south Georgia area. 

We are currently into  Season III of our series. Our coverage area is expanding as we went into the Daytona area this season and Jacksonville the previous year.  We are also going into South Florida area to show high school sports to our nationwide audience.

The Game of the Week Series features but are not limited to football contests, as we also livestream and televise boy's and girl's  basketball, baseball and softball. We have also shown Special Olympics contests, and Middle School Championships in football, boy's and girl's basketball, and  boys soccer.

Our growth and expansion is consistent with our mission statement,  “To provide opportunities for student-athletes to be exposed to the community and to encourage them to strive for academic and professional success.”

The INSiiGHTS team is responsible for filming and producing the selected athletic events at no-cost to the institutions. The games are then shown on a tape delay basis on television. The contests will also be shown on INSiiGHTS social media platforms and all games are found on our INSiiGHTS You Tube page.


INSiiGHTS is concerned with more than the athletic side of these students. This is  shown in the awarding of ONE game award. That award is the Dr. Arhtur Woodard Student of the week Award. This recognition is given to the student-athlete with the highest grade point average andcomuunity involvement as selected by their respective high schools. The individual student is recognized during the telecast. The Woodard Foundation of Miami, Florida along with INSiiGHTS recognizes these individual students and their family at a season ending award dinner at Studio 13. We feel it is important to recognize their academic achievements even more than their athletic prowess.

This years banquet will be on Monday, May 6th.

In addition, INSiiGHTS has developed  a vehicle to help in the development of the total student-athlete, the Jimmy Sauls Leadership Academy. In our attempt to help the student-athletes at our INSiiGHTS schools we have a slate of presenters who have speciality in various topics. These individuals speak to the students in an array of topics that vary from student group tp student group. The speakers talk on areas that range from domestic violence, sexual abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, influence of others, law enforcement relations, consequences of social media, interviewing techniques, career counseling and more. Sheriff Walt McNeil and the Leon County Sheriff's Department are sponsors of this activity. They have been very influential in the year to year growth of the Jimmy Sauls Leadership Academy.


INSiiGHTS has all of it's content placed on its You Tube page. Each INSiiGHTS contest is located on the INSiiGHTS channel. Allow us to keep our games FREE by subscribing to INSiiGHTS.

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INSiiGHTS High School Game-of-the-Week


INSiiGHTS High School Game of the Week now showing two games on two channels. 

Games from the past three seasons are here. FOOTBALL


INSiiGHTS High School Game of the Week is entering its third year with WCTV 2. WCTV 2 is now on Direct TV and on cable. We have enjoyed being able to bring these high school games to you on television with a station that is committed to the community!!!

Our REPLAY games are shown each Saturday afternoon from 4:30 - 7:00 pm.


INSiiGHTS is entering their second year on FAMU 20. In our first year we showed some of the REPLAY GAMES and some shows from our INSiiGHTS MAGAZINE show.

All games live can be seen on FAMU 20 and on our You Tube page at INSiiGHTS.

This is our first year showing LIVE high school games to you our viewing audience. We appreciate the confidence and trust that FAMU 20 has put into INSiiGHTS.

The games are also shown live on our You Tube Page.


Mack Clayton Memorial Basketball Clinic

Basketball Clinic Information

An award winning array of Championship basketball coaches. Ahmad Aliyy, Claudette Farmer, Gene Granger and Mickey Clayton will highlight the 1st Annual Mack Clayton Memorial Basketball Clinic, Big Bend Edition on Saturday, April 13. 

These Clinicians possess over 50 years of collegiate and high school experience with over resumes that possess over 10 championship seasons.

Discounts available for registration and schools/teams with additional coaches.

Contact us at (850) 999-2870.


The Mack Clayton Basketball Clinic is continuing to add speakers to the event. Stay tuned as the updates will appear hear.

There is one more coach not yet confirmed and a referee. The unconfirmed official will speak about player - referee relations, coach - referee relations and more.

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Arch Rivals go to TRIPLE Over-time!!!

INSiiGHTS Live Stream:  Daytona Mainland and Atlantic High School are district for that fight to the last second. This is INSiiGHTS Highlight contest as the game went to TRIPLE OVERTIME!

Take a look here.

College Coaches ALERT - there is collegiate talent on both teams. See for yourself!

Calendar of Upcoming WCTV2 Replay Contests

No upcoming events.

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