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Unconquered: Seminole Indians

Florida State University Alum and Hall of Famer  Bill Durham talks about what inspired his vision of Chief Osceola and Renegade. His shares the cherished relationship between the Seminole Indians and Florida State University.

MIHS Brothers 4-Ever

This interview is about the very special brotherhood of three players that were very very special.

"Florida State recruited and signed the entire backfield from Merritt Island – quarterback Jimmy Black, Bright and fellow running back Waldo Williams. It might have been the best backfield ever in the history of high school football in Florida." By Jeff Navin of the Space Coast Daily. 

This is one of the best articles about this team.


Thank you, School of Journalism

INSiiGHTS would like to give a very special "thank you" to interim Dean, Dr. Dhyana Ziegler. She has encouraged her J-School students to take advantage of INSiiGHTS Productions.  We have  seen Florida A&M University School of Journalism students playing greater roles in our productions. 

The students from Florida A&M University have played key roles in the production of our shows.

Thank you Dr. Ziegler and the Florida A&M University School of Journalism.

Continue to watch our shows from the past academic school year on FAMU Channel 20.

We will start Season III on WCTV2 in September.

Story of the Dr. Arthur Woodard Award Dinner

2018 Dr. Arthur Woodard Academic Student of the Game

Academic Award Recognition Dinner

Rickards High School for the second year in a row had the most attendees. 

CLICK to see what happened at the Second Annual Dr Arthur Woodard Award Dinner.

FSU First Practice: Coach Taggart Full Interview

FSU First Practice: Coach Taggart Full Interview that was held prior to the first day of spring practice ..... it was a chilly day with a bright sun that illuminated the FSU practice field. Coach Taggert was engaging in his first interview kicking off spring practice ......

Florida High intros Charlie Ward, Boys Basketball Head Coach

In a busy week for Charlie Ward, he was named as the Football Ambassador for the Florida State football team and selected as the Head Coach of the Boys Basketball team at Florida High. They are very young and VERY talented. They may be the "surprise" team of the area next year ........... time will tell. 

Good luck to Coach Ward and the Florida High Boys ......

NW CLASSIC Raines & Ribault More than a Game

Northwest CLASSIC features Jacksonville  Raines and Jacksonville Ribault: It's More than a Game's a family reunion ....... "cousin versus cousin" 

Tailgating .... parties...... class reunions

See it here on insiights



Thomasville chanting at Brooks County "U ain't NO Bulldog"

Thomasville crowd chanting, "You ain't NO Bulldog" from War on 84. Thomasville High at Brooks County. INSiiGHTS Best Game EVER

Game and crowd atmosphere

LOST FILES:Quincy's 1st Family of Basketball-the Davis's

This story is from the INSiiGHTS LOST FILES ....... and is about Quincy's First Family of Basketball, the Davis Family, patriach James "Monk" Davis amd matriach Roslyn Davis. 

They produced off-spring that were highly competitive academically oriented who excelled in their chosen sport of choice ... basketball.

Both Rickey and Chariya are successful high school coaches who enjoyed stellar basketball careers in high school, collegiately and professionally. 

Ricky was the Mid-Eastern Athletic Confere

Band Battle of I-10

Jacksonville Raines and Rickards High School ..........In a game that the kick-off was delayed because of an accident o I-10 and had traffic backed up ..........

Raines was winning handily with a final score of 35 - 0 when its band showed up in the fourth quarter ........shown is the entrance of the band .... the extravagant entrance of the dancers and two bands playing ICE CREAM MAN ..... you decide which you like best

Spinning Ball:Corey Fuller the player, the coach, the mentor

East Gadsden Head Football Coach Corey Fuller, a former high school star from Tallahassee, collegiate star at FSU, Minnesota Viking draftee and multiple year NFL veteran. 

Corey shares insight from his upbringing from Tallahassee's southside, to his collegiate career, NFL playing days, former college coach to coaching at East Gadsden High School.

Coach Fuller talks about the drug testing he implemented and the difference in today's youth!

Always candid....

Always honest .....

Always Corey!

INSiiGHTS: Decline of Minorities in Baseball

INSiiGHTS shoots it's first show for TV Pilot. Featured guest is FAMU's Head Baseball Baseball MEAC Coach-of-the-Year, Jamey Shouppe. There is a candid discussion concerning the decline of minority interest in baseball and the success of the FAMU baseball team.

INSiiGHTS: Locker Room Issues: Coaches & Players

Locker Room Issues:Coaches & Players talks about the problems in the locker room with the main emphasis on Richie Incognito and Johnathan Martin of the Dolphins. Diversity Speaker and Consultant Craig Clayton speaks on the issues within the locker room.