Mack Clayton Memorial Basketball Clinic

Mack Clayton Memorial Basketball CLINIC Video


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Tournament Topics


(Significance Of Prioritizing Yearly Schedule both individual & Team)

Establishing Team Goals

Transition Offense

(Keys to creating fast break opportunities and rules to running transition.) 

Everyday drills to assist your players in knowing how to fill the lanes and to score in the easiest manner ... with layups.

Individual Skill Sessions

(Utilizing team drills in group and individual settings to enhance the skill set of your team members)

Small Things Do Make a Difference

(Tidbits learned from attending previous clinics by Bobby Knight, Huber Brown, Rick Pitino and more)

Transition Defense

Creating Pressure

Dealing with an Official and Calls made

Chalk Talk

Q and A

Discount Pricing

Registration for One Day Event $75

Early Bird Registration $50 until April 1st.

Three or more coaches, registering at same time from same school or AAU program $50. apiece until April 1st, then full price.

included your Registration

Continental Breakfast & Refreshments

One t-shirt